Chilled Foods

Chilled foods are prepared foods that are stored in refrigerator at temperatures at or below eight degrees Celsius. These foods have been available in the United Kingdom and many other industrialized countries all over the world in the 1960s. Chilled foods are also known as frozen foods or frozen entrees in many parts of the world. The frozen food sector is quickly becoming the fastest growing sector in the entire food industry.

Research has shown the rise in the amount of chilled foods being purchased all over the world is due to the increase in the number of domestic refrigerators that have been placed in households around the world. People are realizing how easy and convenient these foods are. However, over the last twenty years the market for frozen foods has depended solely on the eating habits of the public. Today, time constraints and higher incomes are influencing the rise in the number of people who are eating chilled foods.

Over the years there has been an increase in the need for healthy nutritious foods and that includes chilled foods. These foods are made from high quality ingredients that can be found in the entire food chain. In the United Kingdom it is mandatory that all ingredients used in chilled foods meet the acceptable standards.

Chilled food must be kept at a set temperature at all times. This means that additives such as preservatives are rarely added because the food must be kept fresh at all times. There is a short period of time between production and delivery of frozen foods. The producers are aware of the Department of Health regulations and they attempt to make foods that are low in fat and salt composition. They take this into consideration when trying to create recipes that will appeal to consumers.