World Cheeses

Just about every part of the world has its own brand of cheese. It is made from the milk of animals – goats, cows, buffalo and sheep, by a process called coagulation.

A brief list of the various world cheeses:


Sardo cheese is one of the cheeses made in Egypt. It is made from grated cow’s milk coagulated with rennet, which is the lining of the fourth stomach. Another Egyptian cheese is Testouri cheese, which is made from the milk of sheep or goats. It looks like an orange and has a slightly salty taste. Caravane cheese from Mauritania, is made from camel’s milk. Although this is very difficult to produce, it is low in lactose. Bokmakiri and Kawito cheeses are soft cheeses made from goat’s milk in South Africa.


Chhena is an unripened curd cheese from India made from cow or buffalo milk. Paneer cheese is the most common one from the region of South Asia. This cheese is not aged, nor will it melt. Sakura cheese is a soft cheese from Japan that is creamy white and seasoned with cherry leaves.

Some of the cheeses from the Middle East are:

In Nepal, Flower of Raj’ai is a western style cheese made by the monks using the milk of the yak. It is molded into 10-12 inch wheels and dry-cured using Tibetan salt. Kesong Puti is Filipino cottage cheese made from unskimmed carabao milk, salt and rennet.

Almost every country of Europe has its own special blend of different cheeses. Some of the British cheeses include:

Quebec is the main cheese producing province of Canada although cheese is also produced in Nova Scotia and British Columbia. Some of the Canadian cheeses include Frere-Jacques, Goude Old, Oka, and Bleu Benedictin. Anejo cheese is an aged cheese from Mexico and Criollo cheese is a Creole cheese. Monterey Jack is a very well-known American cheese as are Farmer cheese, Muenster cheese and parmesan.